Mobile Form BuilderMobile Worker


You don’t need to be a programmer to build your first paperless form – Only what your form should look like.

Online, offline + mobile
Build your forms from any location offline from your mobile phone or tablet. Future versions will include an online option.

Standard Form Elements
Text, Number, Money, Checkbox, Select Many, Select Dropdown, Select Radio, Sections

New Elements
Photo, Signature, Location

Advanced Elements
Date, Time, Date and Time, Week, Month, Email Address, Password, Telephone Number, Link, Colour,

Repeat Section
Exactly like a standard section but repeatable, simply tap the “Add another” button to add new blank section. Designed for situations in which the number of time a set of questions should be asked is unknown.
e.g. Rooms in a house, Crew on a ship or Children in a class. In each case the number will vary so will the sections needed to capture it all.

Display Rule
Automatically show or hide parts of your form based on user input. Display rules allow you to decide what questions a user needs to complete, improving form usability and therefore worker efficiency.

Input Validation
Ensure mobile workers submit valid data by setting validation such as date range, numeric range, character range and required field on form questions.


Fill and submit your paperless forms on from your phone, table or browser.

Save Money
Reduce costs by using existing hardware – AbsoluteForms is compatible with Android 4.4 and soon to be released on iPhone.

User friendly
Everything about AbsoluteForms is geared towards making form filling simple and intuitive.

Color coded validation – instantly see what questions are unanswered, required or contain an invalid answer
Percentage bars – instantly see how complete a form or section is
Optimum Font size and layout
Forms are presented in list form, making best use of limited space

Large Form Friendly
Percentage bars, Percentage values and colour coded validation show at a glance how complete the form and its sections are. These features are essential for large forms, without them the mobile user is left to manually determine what questions remain.

Work Offline
Mobile users are free to collect data in remote environments safe in the knowledge that their work is stored until an Internet connection is available. An Internet connection is only needed when synchronizing data.